A gallery of campus 1966-68

Brian Miller (BSc Mathematics, 1969) sent us a collection of photographs of campus which provide a quiet, atmospheric insight into life on campus 50 years ago. It was a different era, and the contrast between the large, open, modular spaces and the relatively new buildings are contrasted with the one photograph of five happy students crammed into one small room. Brian resided in Nicholson Hall for the first and second years of his time at Hull, and was one of the first population of students in the building. At the time, some of the other halls were under construction, with the works shown here. Please click on an image to enlarge, and we welcome photographs for this blog. 

©Brian Miller, 2016

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6 thoughts on “A gallery of campus 1966-68

  1. I was at Hull during this time (1968-1971) studying History – photographs bring back many memories, especially the room photo of Nicholson Hall, where I spent 1969 to 1970, before moving back to Loten Hall for my final year.
    One of my more humorous memories was a Union Ball, where another `historian`( big Kev Butler from London) was stripped to his underpants by the on stage entertainment, while nonchalantly flicking ash from a cigarette – only he could have carried that off!


  2. Anyone remember Mick Langstaff, Teacher Training at Kingston upon Hull University around 1967/68/69? Where are you now Mick? You shared accommodation on Cottingham Road along with Mike Smith and Roger ? (Birmingham chap)


  3. That’s how I remember the campus. The photos of the new library and the sports centre must have been taken from Loten Hall, where I resided 1968-1970 (the only accomodation on campus – men only). Fond memories.


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