Hong Kong Alumni Association Event: MRI for Everyone

The University of Hull Alumni Association in Hong Kong will be hosting an event on Thursday 1st February, to which all alumni in the area are warmly invited.

Dr Sidney Tam, CEO of Hong Kong International Regenerative Centre and specialist in medical imaging and health management, will be discussing MRI Medical Imaging, it’s purpose and its limitations. Dr Tam is an advocator for the concept of MRI for Everyone, by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in MRI diagnostic technologies.

“MRI for Everyone”
Thursday 1 February | 7pm – 8.30pm | E-Tech Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Register here

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful and highly effective diagnostic tool and is used for a variety of diagnostic purposes. It is most often used to obtain information that cannot be provided by other imaging techniques, including ultrasound, conventional X-ray or computed tomography.

Dr Sidney Tam will introduce MRI diagnostics, and talk about why this technology is important. He will cover:

  • The basic concept of MRI Diagnostics
  • The technological challenges and current developments
  • The social values of MRI Diagnostics Services and how it differs from other approaches
  • How MRI will save lives in the future

If you would like to attend, then please see here for more details.

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