Could you help inspire the next generation of professionals through our e-Mentoring programme?

There are a number of ways in which our alumni might consider ‘giving back’ to support our current student population. One of the ways alumni can make a real difference is by passing on valuable insight, advice and support to our current students through our e-Mentoring programme. If you would like to know more or would like to support current students through the programme, please contact e-Mentoring Programme Coordinator, Matt Beecroft ( 01482 465098).

Managed by our Careers Service, the programme helps to connect students (the e-Mentees) to industry professionals (the e-Mentors) based on mutual career interests. Our e-Mentors help our students to gain a better understanding of their industry and role, the realities of the workplace and provide valuable tips for success. Support could include reviewing a mentees CV, providing insight into a typical day at work or helping them to create a career action plan. For many of our students this kind of input makes a real difference and can be a huge confidence boost.

“My mentor was the most helpful and supportive person. I feel like a different person, more confident in general and ready to go into the working world”

Michael Barr, Computer Science and Games Development student and mentee

Typically, our mentors are matched to a maximum of two mentees with the programme running from November until the end of April. Once matched, the vast majority of contact is via e-mail so location isn’t important – we have mentors based throughout the UK and even a number overseas! That said, we’re very open to how you might communicate with some pairs preferring to communicate via phone, skype or even meet up for the occasional chat if based locally. The programme operates with a degree of flexibility as to how mentoring is approached, although the Programme Coordinator is on hand should mentors or mentees require any support.

Rich Sutherland
Alumnus and e-Mentor Rich Sutherland

From the start I thought it sounded like a valuable resource for students and a good opportunity for businesses to give something back, which has very much been the case. I’ve mentored three students and each one has brought totally unique aspirations, abilities and questions to the table. We covered everything from general CV and interview tips, to using social media for marketing campaigns and applying innovation to any role. Getting to know them on an individual level and offering tailored advice is very rewarding, and seeing them thrive as a result is priceless.”

Rich Sutherland, BA History Alumni, e-Mentor and Managing Director of sobananapenguin

160 students participated in the programme during 2017/18 and our alumni played a key role as e-Mentors. 128 of our registered mentors are alumni of the University of Hull covering a wide range of professions and industries. Feedback this year highlights the value of e-Mentoring, with 94% of mentees recommending mentoring to other students and 100% of e-Mentors recommending mentoring to other professionals. In addition, 72% of mentees stated that they feel more confident about their future career prospects as a result of taking part which is fantastic to hear.

Whilst our students are the key beneficiaries of the programme, we also like to think that mentors can gain from it as well. As well as that warm fuzzy feeling in helping someone achieve their goals, it also provides an opportunity for reflection on your own career and looks great on any CV!

I have mentored three students during my two years of mentoring and it has been extremely rewarding.  I studied my law degree at the University of Hull and I understand how difficult it is when studying, planning your career, applying for law school, applying for work experience and considering training contracts. I have already recommended the mentoring programme to a number of people and will continue to do so.

Donna Barnett, LLB Law Alumni, e-Mentor and Solicitor at Rollits LLP

Donna Barnett
Alumna and e-Mentor Donna Barnett

If you’d be interested in giving back in this way please feel free to register as an e-Mentor for 2018/19 using our online registration form available here or contact the e-Mentoring Programme Coordinator, Matt Beecroft ( 01482 465098), should you have any questions.

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