Information for Hull Alumni contacted by the ‘International Alumni Association’ or the ‘Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni’

It has come to our attention that an organisation named ‘The International Alumni Association (IAA)’ have recently been using Facebook ads to encourage Hull alumni to sign-up to their network and participate in international networking events.

Other universities including Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, UCL and Aberdeen have previously reported similar approaches made to their alumni from an organization called the Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni (WWANA)

Please note that the University of Hull is in no way affiliated to either IAA or WWANA, both are independent profit-making and fee charging organisations and any contact made with Hull alumni from these organisation is done so without our prior knowledge or consent.

Please also note that the University of Hull already offers a comprehensive networking service to all alumni through a range of professional networks and our Hull Alumni Connects platform. This includes a range of events, benefits and communications. For more information please contact

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