The Annual Telephone Campaign – “As a student caller I talked to amazing people, raised money for excellent causes and received invaluable information from our graduates. Thank you.”

Each year we run our telephone campaign and a team of current students speak to hundreds of our alumni.  This year you donated over £86,000 towards Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Support, Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Student Hardship and several other funds that the University supports.

Your donations impact our students directly with every penny donated being spent on ensuring our students receive the best experience possible whilst studying here.

Our student caller team spoke to 1,500 alumni. Many sharing stories of their time at University and giving advice to our call team for their future careers. So thank you to everyone who donated and everyone we spoke to.

Caller Profile:  Moryse McInnis and Scholarship Recipient

Before University, I lived in a town just outside of London, about 6 hours’ drive away from Hull. I was eager to travel far for university, so I could experience a different side of the UK. I am in now my final year of a Chemical Engineering degree at Hull University and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I was awarded a Women in Engineering Scholarship during my first year at the University of Hull, it has helped tremendously and greatly improved my quality of life.  I had been granted the minimum student maintenance loan, however due to unforeseen circumstances my parents were not able to support me financially. The scholarship has helped me acquire things that have been vital to my education such as lab equipment, computer software, textbooks and a laptop.

During my first semester at university, I was working two part-time jobs to support myself. After the second semester I received my first instalment of the scholarship, which helped ease the financial burden, enabling me to leave one of my jobs so I could concentrate more on my education.

I graduate this summer and have been offered a place on a graduate scheme for a large energy company. Whilst on the graduate scheme, I plan to pursue further part time education in a renewable energy master.  Although working full time and studying part time will be a challenge, studying at the University of Hull has developed my enthusiasm for self-improvement and devolvement, so I feel I will thrive on this opportunity.

Whilst studying, I decided to apply for a student caller position at the university-as having been awarded a scholarship myself, I knew what a difference the money fundraised on campaigns can make. I also applied because I had thoroughly enjoyed my time studying and was enthusiastic about the university and the difference it makes to students lives.

As a student caller I got the chance to speak to people who had achieved so many things with their degree- from a man who had been a part of the Olympics swimming team, to a woman who had helped tackle the HIV epidemic in Africa.  It was really inspiring to hear all the different paths people had taken.

It was especially interesting talking to people who had studied the same degree as me. Even though they had all studied the same thing, there was a huge variety in the directions people had taken, which I found inspiring. Talking to so many Alumni showed me that your degree is what you make of it and it motivated me and gave me the confidence to apply for graduate schemes. Past graduates gave me great advice at tackling interviews and assessment centres, which enabled me to have a graduate position lined up by March this year.

Not only did a calling job improve my life during university, it has benefited me post-graduation. Employers have really valued the skills I picked up from my evenings on the phone- from communication and recall skills, to confidence conversing with people I have never met.

I believe donating is a great selfless thing to do, not only does it help students in the short term, but also secures the long-term success of Hull alumni. Enabling students to be in a place where they may succeed academically so they can aid in the future development of the UK and the world. I cannot wait to receive a call from a student caller next year, where I will definitely be making a donation, so that I can help students the way past donators have helped me. Thank you.

Caller Profile George Aylett

Working as a student caller was extremely enjoyable and one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done.  I would take to the phone, call former students and talk about our positive and life-changing annual fund.  Our graduates would talk about their time here, how much they enjoyed their studies and even what they go up to in their spare time.  It is amazing how, even though University has changed through the decades that our stories and experiences of Hull are still very similar and positive.  We also discussed about where their degree has taken them in life and it was incredible to hear what some students have gone on to do.  Working three days a week fit in perfectly with my timetable and the money I earned helped contribute towards my living costs.  As well as this, knowing we are raising money for good causes is something which feels fantastic. 

Every donation we receive goes towards a fund that will help change people’s lives for the better.  The focus of this year’s campaign was Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Support and Women in STEM, which are two causes close to my heart.  It’s vitally important we have the resources to help people who are struggling with their mental health and that we encourage more women who are significantly under-represented in the subject area to get involved in STEM.  As a student caller I talked to amazing people, raised money for excellent causes and received invaluable information from our graduates.  Thank you.

One thought on “The Annual Telephone Campaign – “As a student caller I talked to amazing people, raised money for excellent causes and received invaluable information from our graduates. Thank you.”

  1. Every time there’s a mention of telephones and the University, I’m reminded of Hull’s unique telephone service that for so long held out against British Telecomms with their ivory telephones boxes.

    Whilst I was a student there I had to use the phone in our student house for the obligatory “call home”.

    Rumour had it that you could cheat the payment system by tapping out the number rapidly on the handset rest, though I was never able to manage it.

    David R Parker
    Geology ‘69


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