You’ve made a huge difference – Thank you to those who donated to our “Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Support” fundraising campaign

“Being a Champion has given me the confidence to do things I previously wouldn’t have dreamt of, improving my confidence and public speaking skills tremendously.”

George, Student Wellbeing Champion

We are immensely grateful to those who responded to our 2018 Telephone Fundraising Appeal and donated to assist programmes aimed at improving Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Support across the campus.

The response from alumni was transformational, enabling us to build upon successful initiatives and to establish new programmes of support for students who are vulnerable, or just need that little extra support to make the most of their time on campus. These include our Wellbeing Champions, the Global Cafe, the Stress Less Hub, and the Hull University Angels.

You have made a huge difference, supporting our work to make sure that University of Hull students can achieve their potential in a safe, supportive environment.

“It’s okay, I’ve found the Angels. I’m with them now, they’ll make sure I’m safe.”

Student Feedback after receiving support from the Hull University Angels
The Hull University Angels, responded to 335 calls across 55 shifts, supporting our students on nights out on campus

How you helped our students

The Wellbeing Champion Project

The Wellbeing Champions are a team of student volunteers who promote good mental health on campus, whilst also signposting students to the University Support Services and local mental health charities.

Thanks to your support the Wellbeing Champion Project was able to support 18 Student Champions to be trained and clothed for the role during the 18/19 academic year.  The Student Champions were out and about to support the student community across Welcome Week, being on the lookout for new and returning students who may need a helping hand or reassurance, and directing them to suitable support.  The Student Champions also supported a number of Fairs that took place over the first trimester, including: World Mental Health Day, White Ribbon activities, and a number of different peer mentoring activities to encourage students supporting students.

“The wellbeing champion project has given me a greater understanding of mental health. I have also learned more about what the university offers students as well as other outside services promoting good wellbeing.”

Charlotte, Student Wellbeing Champion
Wellbeing Champions
Stress Less Hub

You also directly supported the launch of the Stress Less Hub, a designated space during exams that ran: meditation/mindfulness and yoga, stress management activities, knit and natter, music for wellbeing and creative wellbeing workshops for students to take a break from their revision. Additionally, 100 Stress Less packs were taken by students to support their revision and wellbeing.  Based on feedback, the Stress Less Hub will now run activities across the calendar year and not just focus on examination periods to support more students to manage their stress.

The Global Cafe

You enabled us to support the launch of Global Café, a weekly space for students to come together from our diverse community. Global Café runs across the year and hosts themed nights and off campus trips/activities.  Its activities embrace everyone’s culture and identity. There have been opportunities for students to show and discuss their culture with others; allowing our students to become more aware of different cultures.  For International Students who may arrive outside of Welcome Week, Global Café encourages a community to form and builds a sense of belonging.  Students who have attended have reported that they have been able to make new friends and to mix with people from different nationalities.  International students have stated that they often do not know where to go with questions and for help and Global Café was able to effectively signpost them.

The Hull University Angels

Your generosity was crucial in supporting the Hull University Angels into their second year of operation.  Since the start of 2017/18 academic year the Angels have attended 335 calls across 55 shifts supporting our students on nights out on campus.  20 students and 5 staff have been trained to respond in their distinct and recognisable hoodies and blue jackets and the project goes from strength to strength.  Student feedback clearly identifies the impact that the Angels have to their nights out “It’s ok, I’ve found the Angels. I’m with them now, they’ll make sure I’m safe.”

Hull University Angels on the beat

“When we first launched [WelcomeFest 2017], we came across a few students who were in Hull and on campus for the very first time! I remember one male who was totally lost and didn’t know where he was – he just wanted to get back to the lawns! We introduced who we were and what we’re about and helped the student feel safe and supported. He was really thankful and said that he had been thinking of just leaving Uni because his first night was going so badly! But he was really pleased to see us and to hear that the Uni cares about its students. We walked him to the bus stop and stayed with him until he got on and went home. I’d like to think we made a difference in that he stayed at here”

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