“I encourage any alumni or current students to reach out to the University’s Career Service to see what opportunities they can offer you” – Saying Goodbye to our Intern, Charlotte

As you may remember, we introduced you to our graduate Intern who has been working with us for the past eight weeks. Sadly, it is time to say goodbye as Charlotte’s internship has come to an end.

Here, Charlotte reflects back on her time with us. We wish her the best in her future career.

Since I last sat down to write a blog about my internship, a lot has happened. Eight weeks have passed and I have learnt and achieved so much. I have successfully helped organise events and coordinated them on the day. I undertook research into how the department can improve social media engagement and presented the findings to the team. Each member of the team has shown me what their job entails and given me tasks they would complete to give me first-hand experience of that role. This practice has increased the knowledge and skills I can put on my CV and talk about at interviews.

I have discovered the breadth of roles in the events and fundraising industry. Before this internship I knew I had an interest in working in this field. However, I wasn’t sure on what the right path was to getting the career I wanted. From working with every member of the Development and Alumni Relations (DARO) team, I better understand the different pathways I can take to develop my career. Learning what fundraising is, what it involves and seeing how it impacts the university is something I would have no knowledge about if not for this internship. Developing my skills in these areas has been made possible by the wonderful support I have had.

This has been an invaluable eight weeks. I encourage any alumni or current students to reach out to the University’s Career Service to see what opportunities they can offer you. Reach out to other alumni via HullAlumniConnects and our social media to build your networks. The university is here to help you no matter when you attended.

I would like to give a special thanks to the Careers Service for providing me with this opportunity and an extra special thank you to the DARO team for making these past eight weeks not only an informative experience but a memorable one.

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