A message for alumni during the Covid-19 crisis

The University of Hull would like to sincerely express our solidarity with you in this difficult time as we come to terms with coronavirus, its impact, and the changes we will need to make to our lives as we face this challenge. 

As a graduate, a supporter, a volunteer or one of our regular event attendees, we wanted to provide this update to let you know what action the University is taking, and what you can expect from us in the coming months. In addition, we wanted to take a moment to thank those who are working on the frontline of this fight against the pandemic.

This update contains:

  1. University update
  2. How to contact us during the crisis
  3. Event update
  4. Update for donors
  5. Campus update
  6. How to get involved in our activities in the coming months
  7. A message for frontline workers fighting this disease

In the mean time, with many of you working from home, you may wish to read this article by the University’s Jenny Louise Lawrence with tips on wellbeing whilst working from home.

University Update

The University of Hull, like all universities, has been following the guidance of the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England, and evolving that guidance as we believe appropriate to meet the needs of our community. As you know, our first and primary concern is the health and safety of our students, alumni, staff and visitors.

With that in mind and after careful consideration we have already suspended all lectures, classroom, laboratory, skills, seminar, tutorial and one-to-one teaching. All staff who can work at home are now doing so, and we are undergoing a managed transition to online learning and assessment.

Key Contacts

Our network is over 60,000 strong and brings together alumni from all around the world with a vast range of skills and experiences. We will be looking at ways we can maximise this network in the coming months.

As things progress, keeping in touch will be very important. As we are now working from home, members of the alumni team will no longer have access to office phone numbers, but can still be reached by email including at alumni@hull.ac.uk email address, though there may be some delay in picking up your email and getting back to you.

You can also connect with us on:

Facebook – we will be seeking to launch a series of digital events over the coming months to offer people practical tips, and to bring alumni together for mutual support and assistance.



Please note, if you have sent anything to us in the post, we will not be able to access this until we return to the office. Until then it will be kept securely in the campus post room. If you have sent something in by mail, please let us know electronically on alumni@hull.ac.uk

Our Events

As you will be aware, all our events have now been cancelled or postponed.

The alumni team will be scheduling a series of online events and discussion topics over the coming months. These are intended to be informative and entertaining and although they will not replace the experience of alumni coming together at a great venue for networking, we do hope they will go some way to replicating it digitally.

Your Donations

We would like to thank our supporters and donors for their continued support at this time. 

For those of you who have set up regular donations in the form of Direct Debits and Standing Orders, we would like to reassure you that these donations will be received and processed as usual and will continue to be put to good use supporting the work of the University and its students.

Library and Campus Facilities

All catering and shop facilities on campus have closed, with only Canham Turner now providing a take-away option for food. The library has also now closed. 

Students and staff will be able to access all online resources, and there will now be a click and collect scheme for physical resources available to final year and Post graduate research students. 

Get involved

We’re currently exploring ways we can make the most of our network of 60,000 alumni, by providing mutual support, sharing ideas, online events and videos of support and encouragement from around the world. We will be posting regular updates and videos to our Facebook page so please do join the Facebook group, look out for updates on the page and share your own experiences and thoughts with us.

It is our hope that by bringing alumni together and providing a supportive network, we can help people get through this difficult time together.

Workers on the frontline

At the University of Hull we are immensely proud of all our alumni and their achievements. At this important time we want to take a moment to express our gratitude and admiration for those who are working at the frontline of the battle against the pandemic: the teachers, NHS staff, care workers and others who will be bearing an immense burden in the coming weeks and months.

It is with immense pride that we see you graduate from the University and take your learning to transform it into the lessons that inspire the next generation of learners, or the treatment and care that is so greatly needed by so many. At this time more than ever it is important that we do not let go unsaid, that which is so often left unspoken: thank you.

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