Announcing the University of Hull Alumni Entrepreneur Network

University of Hull Alumni Entrepreneur Network:
Inspire, Innovate, Influence, Invest

If you are would like to support entrepreneurial activity and join a network of like minded University of Hull alumni, then please register your interest in joining with David Simpson on

During difficult times and complex situations, entrepreneurs are said to thrive – using their ability to think differently, creating new solutions, adding value and reinventing the existing.  The  current climate could be a great opportunity to sit back, take stock and finally explore that new business idea.  

We have an increasing interest amongst our alumni in the area of entrepreneurship. For some of you, starting and running a business is what you do best, for others we know you’d like to find out how you can make your ideas succeed from the offset.  Perhaps you’re simply looking for that missing link, skill, knowledge or network to help take your idea to the next level.

At the University of Hull we would like to help and are reaching out to hear from alumni who have an interest, direct experience or passion for entrepreneurship and innovation and would like to come together to develop a network.   

Through uniting you from cross-sectors we hope to help you to support each other with development of commercial know-how, business start-up expertise, investment knowledge or simply to help shape and create new ideas and help them flourish. Inspire other alumni and our current students to develop their entrepreneurial side.

We’d love to hear from you and help us shape the network from the very start, we’d also like to hear about your own entrepreneurial journeys.  

If this is of interest to you, pleases do get in touch by emailing David Simpson on

We’re also looking for exciting names for the new network – so if you’ve a creative flair for naming things, please do let us know your suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Announcing the University of Hull Alumni Entrepreneur Network

  1. Interesting and encouraging. I am interested n planning for a start-up business. Hope to contribute to the alumni.


  2. Dear all,

    I am interested in connecting with this entrepreneurial network.

    My areas of expertise is marine yachting on pre n after sale-technical services, marina consultancy n operation.



    1. Hi Ronald, thank you for your comment, it would be great to connect. I’ve just sent you an email, let me know if you don’t receive this.


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