Entrepreneur Network: Difficult Conversations – Handle Conflict in a Psychologically Safe Way

Entrepreneur Network: Difficult Conversations – How to Handle Conflict in a Psychologically Safe Way
Thursday 17 June | 18:00 UK Time | Microsoft Teams
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For our third meeting of the Entrepreneur Network we are joined by National Workplace Mediator of the Year 2020, Marie Coombes (Business Studies 1999), the CEO and Founder of We Restore Calm. Marie will be leading a session on handling conflict and difficult conversations in a psychologically safe way.

Entrepreneurs are people who want to make changes, challenge the status quo, ask the uncomfortable questions and make people think again about how (and why) things are as they are. It is the questioning, probing and ambitious outlook that can often bring enterprising individuals into conflict with others (or even with themselves). Bringing about change isn’t easy – but if we can bring others with us, change minds, build relationships, and manage conflict and disagreement in a way that supports all parties, that change can be more effective and more impactful.

So what is psychological safety? What is conflict? How can we handle conflict and issues in our own lives and relationships? Join Marie and the Entrepreneur Network and let’s find out!

Visit the We Restore Calm website >>

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About the Entrepreneur Network

The Hull University Alumni Entrepreneur Network was set up to facilitate alumni connections, to share knowledge and experience and to support one another in our endeavours. Whether you are an experienced graduate with a wealth of life and business knowledge, a new graduate hoping to expand your network and your field of influences, or anywhere in between, you will have something to offer your fellow graduates, and you will find something of value from them. So do join us, and help us to grow our network!

Biography: Marie Coombes

Marie Coombes worked for Royal Mail for 17 years, specialising in conflict resolution and mediation, training, change management, employee and industrial relations and employee engagement. In 2014 she became an accredited mediator through the Open College Network. A highly experienced mediator, she has completed over 200 cases in a variety of complex and often volatile environments and industry sectors. Her strong relationships with frontline staff, union officials and management at all levels has smoothed the way to a successful outcome in an overwhelming majority of her cases.

As well as mediations, Marie develops and delivers bespoke group mediations, team facilitations and wider ranging engagement activity to help understand the root cause of issues in a particular business unit. She particularly specialises in helping organisations improve employee wellbeing and engagement by the use of resolution-focused employee relations and effective conflict management. 

As an experienced trainer, Marie’s primary focus is providing courses that exceed clients and delegates expectations and throughout her career she has designed and delivered many courses to huge success. Clients have included HSBC, Unison, CWU, the Civil Service, TSB and Public Health England. 

She has a particular interest in mental health and the impact conflict has on employee wellbeing and psychological safety. Prior to leaving Royal Mail she was the team mentor for mental health issues in mediations as well as a company-wide Mental Health Ambassador. She regularly speaks on supporting mental health in mediation, including a highly regarded half day CPD session. She is also Mental Health First Aider & Certified Course Instructor.

In 2020 she was nominated for and won the workplace mediator of the year award at the National Mediation Awards in recognition of her excellence in the field of mediation, and in particular for her expertise in mental health and her rapid adaptation to online mediation in the face of the Covid19 pandemic. She also holds an MBA and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking her 2 dogs, listening to music, running and weight training, and spending time with her family.

Visit the We Restore Calm website >>

Entrepreneur Network: Difficult Conversations – How to Handle Conflict in a Psychologically Safe Way
Thursday 17 June | 18:00 UK Time | Microsoft Teams
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