Alumni Bookshelf Part Five – Coke and Canals: Hogarth in Venice

Welcome to the fifth of our alumni bookshelf features, where we celebrate the creative endeavours of our alumni and the power of the written word. in this edition we look at Coke and Canals by Stephen Williams (Geography 1969). If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone who is interested in mystery based detective fiction, Stephen’s work follows on from and is influenced by Agatha Christie, Graham Greene, John Le Carre and Lynda La Plante.

There are many twists and turns in the innovative plot and these occur quite literally up to the last few pages of the book. It  is written in the style of being an ‘entertainment’ set against the backdrop of the Orient Express, Venice and a Caribbean cruise. The plot sets many puzzles for the reader to untangle and there are several surprises which even the most perceptive reader may find a challenge to have predicted correctly. Will the reader be able to determine who is friend and who is foe before the denouement? Probably not!

Hogarth is ideal for the assignment.

An ex-senior detective, jobless after leaving the force under a controversial cloud; he accepts an intriguing invitation to journey on the fabled Orient Express.

After a meeting with a shadowy Intelligence organisation, he is plunged straight into a tortuous struggle against an International drugs cartel, among the canals and beauty of the most romantic city on earth – Venice.

Will he find romance or just danger, intrigue, murder and treachery? Will he solve the puzzles that confront him and rebuild his reputation? 

And the most difficult question of all ….who is friend and who is foe?

These and many more questions are answered – but at what cost?

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Author Bio – Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams, a native of Cheshire, was educated at Altrincham Boys Grammar School and the University of Hull, gaining degrees in history and geography. He has travelled extensively around Europe to appreciate and deepen his interest and understanding of its history, culture and gastronomy.  Stephen has a particular love and knowledge of Venice having, on many occasions, personally walked the paths of the characters featured in his first book ‘Coke and Canals’. He is an avid reader of the type of detective fiction that provide sophisticated plots, subtle psychological focus and surprise endings. His favourite authors include John Buchan, Agatha Christie, Grahame Greene, John Le Carre and Lynda La Plante. He now lives in the Chilterns with his wife.

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