“Inspired in Hull” with Ayesha Hazarika – From the Commons to the Comedy Circuit

“Inspired in Hull” with Ayesha Hazarika
Special Advisor, Political Commentator, Comedian!
rom the Commons to the Comedy Circuit

Middleton Hall | Friday 17 November | 18:30 – 20:00
Refreshments from 18:00

In the twenty plus years since Ayesha Hazarika (Law, 1996) attended the University of Hull, the political landscape of Britain has undergone seismic change. From Blair to Brexit via coalition, chaos and Corbyn, Ayesha has always been in the thick of it. Having overcome gender barriers to reach the Westminster bubble, she has emerged with gags, anecdotes and satirical insights that further lift the lid.

In government and opposition, Ayesha has been special advisor to Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman and remains an astute, real-time commentator on the Westminster scene. Early in her career she crossed the narrowing gap between politics and comedy, taking to the stand-up circuit. Now she returns to her alma mater to share her comic insights and inspire the next generation of political and satirical women.

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