Our Next Fundraising Campaign

In September 2019 we will be sending out our annual direct mail to around 10,000 of our graduates which is focussing on Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Support.

In the UK as a whole, 1 in 4 students are now dealing with serious mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety as well as keeping up with the demands of their academic workload.  Last year in the UK, 95 students took their own lives.

Although we do have a very good support network at Hull for our students we want to be able improve it and ensure that we can reach all our students and support them 24/7 with their mental health.

Within our direct mail we explain several initiatives that we are launching or have in place that we are seeking additional funding for. Initiatives that we will be seeking support for include:

  1. An online initiative called “Big White Wall” which will give our students access to support at anytime 24/7.  This costs £15,000 per year and we are asking our graduates to help support it.
  2. Our volunteer Student Wellbeing Champions are vital in supporting our students and we need help to recruit and train more.

If you would like to find out more on how you can support us, please call Nicky Wright 01482 465257 or email n.j.wright@hull.ac.uk  or go to our website http://www.hull.ac.uk/givingtohull.