“Hull is the guiding principle, the link between all of us”: Alumni reunite on campus


Earlier this year the Drama Class of 1970, some of the first students to use the Gulbenkian Centre, returned to the University for a reunion. They enjoyed a tour of the campus, met current students and staff for a cup of coffee on the top floor of the Brynmor Jones Library, and finished the day by watching a slideshow of photographs from the dramatic productions they were involved in as students.

We interviewed some of the reunion attendees to hear about their memories, and talked to students and staff who met them to ask them what it means to meet alumni.


9 thoughts on ““Hull is the guiding principle, the link between all of us”: Alumni reunite on campus

  1. Fluently made and all the speakers look comfortable and at ease to speak about their feelings. This film encapsulates my whole experience going back to Hull which turned out to be a weekend full of warmth, humour and not without a little poignancy.
    One always suspect memories tend to play tricks to suit how we like to feel at present, but those two days have affirmed the depth of feelings I have about my life there in 1967 to 1970.
    Patrick Lau


    1. Thank you Patrick, it was a real pleasure to meet you and to speak with you when you came back on campus. There was such a wonderful atmosphere that day, and we had a really good morning welcoming your group back to the University.


  2. Lovely – the entire experience was a delight and you were all so warm and welcoming! The Drama Department not only changed my life, it also provided me with a solid basic training for my 30-year career in Canadian theatre. Meeting up with some of my co-conspirators again after 50 years was so emotional and it was such fun to meet some of the current students knowing what an exciting life they have ahead of them. Keep up the good work!
    Gil Osborne (1967-1970)


    1. Hi Gil, thank you so much for your comment, it is great to hear that you enjoyed revisiting the campus and of course that you feel so strongly about your experiences as as a student here. We all had a great time welcoming you and the group back on campus, speaking with you and hearing your memories. Do let us know if you are ever back in Hull.


  3. Just a line or two from one of the ancients of 66/69 to say how warmly appropriate it was of Tony to open out the invitation to us. The two years were close, frequently working together on productions and as for the partying in the Theatre Lab …. well …. Inclusivity knew no bounds! ‘ A Lighter Shade of Pale ‘ Long may it continue.

    Alan Martin


    1. Dear Alan, thank you very much for your message. It’s really good to hear that you still look back so fondly on your time at Hull and that you enjoyed your recent visit with Tony. It was a great pleasure meeting everyone and I had a lot of fun taking you all around on the campus tour.

      Best wishes



  4. Thanks for those memories. It’s to my great regret that I missed the similar reunion of the class of ’75, but I’ve been back to the department since and reconnected immediately. It’s a Hull thing. Anything I’ve achieved since, I know its roots are here.


    1. Dear Stephen, thank you very much for your message, it’s wonderful to know that you feel so strongly about your connection to the Drama Department at Hull, and that Hull had such a strong impact on your life. I know you were back recently to speak to current students, and they get so much from meeting alumni, hearing your stories, your hints and tips, and knowing that they are part of the Hull tradition.

      Thank you once again.



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