Need legal advice? These students are ready to help

Do you need legal advice? The University of Hull’s award winning Legal Advice Centre is now operating online. Third year Law students provide free and confidential legal advice on a range of issues including family, employment, housing and consumer law, and wills and probate.  All advice is supervised by an experienced solicitor.

In this article we meet two of the Law students who are gaining valuable experience in the Legal Advice Centre to find out more about what they do, why they think it’s good for their career, and what they can do to help you.

Please share this with any person or organisation, wherever their location, who may benefit from our help.  For more information, see our web page at  To book, call 01482 466655 or e-mail



Why did you want to study law?

KAROLINA: I first took interest in law during my studies at college, with law being one of my chosen subjects. At that time, I did not consider it as something I wanted to do at university, let alone as a career. However, I soon after realised this is the career I would like to pursue as I found much enjoyment in the problem-solving aspect and learning about various landmark legal cases which have shaped today’s UK law, as well as in knowing that I would be able to hopefully make a positive difference to someone’s life. I see a career in law as intellectually challenging and personally fulfilling. 


NEEVE: I fell into studying A level law at college and ended up really enjoying it. There had never been a subject i was particularly interested in until is started studying law and so, from that moment i knew i wanted to pursue a career in law. The next step was then studying for a law degree a university.

How does working in the Legal Advice Centre both support your experience as a student and prepare you for a career in law?

KAROLINA: The Legal Advice Centre has enabled me to gain valuable skills by putting my knowledge that I have acquired during my law degree at Hull, into practice. It has given me more confidence in client interviewing and drafting legal documents, two very necessary skills to have for a career in law. As well as this, it has enhanced my time-management and organisation skills, through the setting of deadlines which are replicated in any legal-based career. 

The centre has also exposed me to some areas of law that I may not have had the chance to delve into at university, thus broadening my knowledge.

NEEVE: It is a brilliant worthwhile experience. It has supported my learning as a student on the law around various areas. It has allowed me to develop my skills of finding useful and reliable resources to aid me with my advice to each client. It has also prepared me for working as a solicitor in the future by gaining an insight into legal work and the type of issues that may arise.

When should someone get in touch with the Legal Advice Centre?

KAROLINA: If you need free, confidential advice on a range of issues, such as consumer issues, criminal or civil disputes, housing, employment, family. 

What can you do to help someone who gets in touch?

KAROLINA: We will hold a meeting with the client, in order to gain an insight into the case and collect any necessary information. In the next 10 working days after the meeting, we will research the issue at hand. We will then produce a letter of advice. If we are unable to give advice on the case for any reason, we will refer you to another professional that may be able to help. 

NEEVE: We cover various areas of law and will ensure we give the best advice that we can at that stage. We listen to each clients situation and structure our advice around what each client wants and needs. This may include explaining certain processes, documents, costs, legal proceedings etc. We can also direct clients to other sources of help to aid you with your problems and your situation, whether that be mediation, social services, police, fraud team, other legal personnel/services and more.

Where do you want your career to take you after you graduate?

KAROLINA: After graduation, I am planning on completing a Masters in Law as well as the Legal Practice Course (LPC). During this time, I would like to gain more legal work experience through vacation schemes and working part time. My aim is to become a solicitor in a regional firm, specialising in Family law, however I am open to any other areas of law that may spark my interest. Because of the Legal Advice Centre, I am also considering Employment Law. 

NEEVE: After i graduate i would love to train to be a solicitor. At the moment i am unsure of which area of law i am i directing towards although i have always been interested in criminal law. The Legal Advice Centre has also raised an interest in family law as i have enjoyed researching around those cases.

2 thoughts on “Need legal advice? These students are ready to help

  1. I graduated in Law in 1971 and went on to qualify as a solicitor in London. For a number of years I was part of the Free legal Advice team in the Haringey Family Advice Centre and was on the Steering Group setting up Tottenham Legal Advice Centre. I experienced the value of these centres in helping people with a broad range of problems. I was therefore impressed to learn a few years ago of this valuable initiative by the Law Department and part of my modest annual donation to the University is directed to this. I would like to encourage other legal alumni to do the same.


    1. Dear Jerry, thank you for your comment, and also for your support for this project. As the interview with Karolina and Neeve shows the Legal Advice Centre is of great benefit to the students who gain valuable experience, and it is of great benefit to the people they offer advice and support to. This has a great impact.


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