Rethinking Resilience

Rethinking Resilience: A Health and Social Care Professional Network Meeting | Wednesday 17 March | 18:00 – 19:30 | Microsoft Teams

Now is the time to have a national conversation about the psychosocial impacts of adversity, trauma, the wider determinants of health and to make sure this crisis does not leave a legacy that costs us dearly for generations to come.

Warren Larkin, Psychology 1993, #ResilienceTaskForce

Come and take part in the launch of our Health and Social Care Professional Network where we’ll be joined by a panel of speakers to discuss and rethink resilience. What does it mean to be socially, physically and mentally well, and how do we put in place the structures to promote and support wellbeing and resilience?

Keynote speaker Warren Larkin, founder and Managing Director of Warren Larkin Associates and leading campaigner for the #ResilienceTaskForce argues: “We have a rare opportunity to influence our culture and shift attitudes towards a more balanced and open perspective that understands and places equal value on physical, emotional and social wellbeing. And it is essential that the social and environmental determinants of health are recognised and addressed as part of our collective response to this coronavirus pandemic.”

Join University of Hull staff, students and graduates and take part in the conversation. How are people responding to the increased demands of the pandemic? What structures are in place, and what structures are needed to enable us to be well and to cope with these challenges, and to support others to do the same? Across a range of fields, what are the challenges people are facing, how are they adapting, and what does this mean for our future?

We have launched the Health and Social Care Network to provide a place where alumni working in a variety of sectors, including nursing, health, social care, psychology and sports fitness, can come together to provide one another with professional support, mentoring, and to hear from exceptional professionals. We also want to provide a supportive network for students as they graduate and embark on their careers.

Rethinking Resilience: A Health and Social Care Professional Network Meeting | Wednesday 17 March | 18:00 – 19:30 | Microsoft Teams

Confirmed Panelists

Dr Warren Larkin, Psychology 1993, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Warren grew up in Wigan, left school with a poor level of educational attainment and suffers from intermittent imposter syndrome. He is currently writing a book about trauma, adversity, and resilience and why we urgently need to focus on prevention in order to improve health and wellbeing for future generations.

Prior to founding Warren Larkin Associates in 2017, Warren spent 24 years in the NHS, working predominantly with individuals and families experiencing serious mental health difficulties. First as an assistant working on the long-stay psychiatric wards at Prestwich Hospital and then as Clinical Psychologist in Manchester working in a service created to provide and research the impact of CBT and Family Interventions for people experiencing psychosis. 

Warren is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is also Visiting Professor at Sunderland University where he is working with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing. He has a long-standing interest in the relationships between childhood adversity and outcomes later in life and has published numerous research articles on the topic of adverse childhood experiences, trauma and psychosis and published an edited book in 2006 exploring this theme. 

Zach North, University of Hull Lecturer

Zach started his studies at the University of Hull in 2006 as a student Operating Department Practitioner, since then he has held leadership positions within the NHS and practised as a Peri-Operative Practitioner since 2008 within Urgent and Elective Surgery specialising in Anaesthetics. More recently he has completed his Advanced Practice and was one of the first Operating Department Practitioners in England to undertake training as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner where he was responsible for the pre and post surgical care of Trauma and Orthopaedic patients.

Sam Kitchen, Second Year Learning Disability Nursing Student

Sam is a second year Learning Disability Nursing student at the University of Hull, founder of Hull University Nursing Society and a member of the RCN Students Committee, representing Yorkshire and the Humber. 

Sam previously studied Music at Hull, graduating in 2014. She was involved with societies and course representation, shortlisted for an award for Outstanding Work for the Students Union. She worked for the university until 2016, then was seconded to work with the Hull UK City of Culture team. Sam is passionate about empowering others to get their voices heard, advocating for student nurses to get the education and experience they deserve. 

Rethinking Resilience: A Health and Social Care Professional Network Meeting | Wednesday 17 March | 18:00 – 19:30 | Microsoft Teams

2 thoughts on “Rethinking Resilience

  1. I’d like to contribute in some way.
    I was a graduate re Social Sciences. Rebecca Virginia Hodgkiss.
    I’ve now a PhD.
    I’m classified high functioning autistic. Late in life with numerous qualifications related to the issues being discussed.
    Also, a SC19 ‘survivor’, with Post Covid Syndrome, hospitalised three times.
    Trauma. You’ve no idea.
    I was the excellent Philip Larkin generation. I used to work in the small area with Philip, re articles. Also, his exceptional recitals.
    I’d actually no idea he was a poet. Autism.


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