Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Online Sessions in Support of the Hull Olympic Challenge

We are delighted to announce a series of online events aimed at supporting health, fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing as part of our Hull Alumni Olympic Challenge. The aim of these sessions is to help participants think about how they might want to improve their lifestyles and fitness, and how they can take simple steps towards building good habits into their lifestyles.

Registrants for the Olympic Challenge will be given instructions on how to join the below sessions closer to the time. If you would like to attend the sessions but have not signed up for the Olympic Challenge or do not wish to sign up for the Olympic Challenge, please email David on to discuss.

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Week 1 – Tuesday 20th July | 12:30 – 13:30

Week 1 is a chance for you set your goals over the next 4-week period, this could be around improving your lifestyle, looking into your exercise routines and what you wish to achieve.  We will also explore how you can understand your current body stats.  We will also have an athlete from the Talented Athlete Programme with us to discuss how they set their own goals over a competition season. 

Our first virtual exercise session will be an own body weight session, this will be a circuit-based session and something you can build into your home workouts.  Tom our Strength and conditioning coach will be taking you through some base line movements to see your current fitness levels. 

Watch the recording of session one on Facebook >>

See the presentation slides for the session on goal setting >>

See the presentation slides from the mobility and activation session >>

Week 2 – Tuesday 27th July | 12:30 – 13:30

Week 2 we will go into your eating habits and break down your meals to help you understand the effect your diet has on your overall lifestyle.   The aim of this session is to give you some hint and tips to improve your energy levels and to educate you on your nutrition.  We will also have an athlete from the Talented Athlete Programme in the session to discuss their nutrition pre-event. 

Our exercise session this week will be a focus on full body workouts to using multiple muscle groups, this will be led by Tom our Strength and conditioning coach.  Simple effective movements to help support your walking, running and cycling. 

Watch the recording of the session on Facebook >>

Week 3 – Tuesday 3rd August | 12:30 – 13:30

Week 3 we will be looking at hydration and recovery a key element within exercise and so often forgotten about.  This week we will be looking at hydration with an informative session looking at your current understanding around hydration and also looking at sleep and the importance of sleep. We will be looking at techniques and routines around getting appropriate hours sleep to assist with your body’s recovery.  

With the aim of the session being recovery, we will be doing a fitness Pilates session, this session we will explore a more holistic approach to exercise using relaxing techniques and flexibility and mobility.  This session will be led by our Pilates instructor Kelly 

Watch the recording of the session on Facebook >>

Week 4 – Tuesday 10th August | 12:30 – 13:30

Week 4 will be all about you and getting an understanding of areas within your lifestyle that you have changed, improved or developed and your next steps and how we can support your health and wellbeing goals.   This is very much a reflection session and discussing the 5k your way event on the 14th August around campus. 

The exercise session will be a repeat of week 1s session the aim being that you can see and feel the improvement from week 1.  Very much a progress session and a chance to look at which fitness areas you wish to keep developing.  Again, Tom will be leading this session with a Talented athlete on program development. 

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