Join the Young Talent Network and stay connected with fellow alumni in the Humber region

University of Hull alumni are everywhere.

It is inspiring to see the impact our network of graduates has on businesses and organisations across the Humber region.

From bringing fresh ideas and skills to businesses, to turning entrepreneurial spark into a successful new start-up, our alumni network contributes to the region’s economy in a significant way.

Staying connected with fellow Hull alumni, and meeting other young professionals, can bring huge benefits to individuals and businesses alike.

The Young Talent Network, run by Marketing Humber, provides a platform to do just that.

The YTN is a professional and social network that provides an annual programme of unique events for all young talent in the Humber region.

All events are free to attend, and YTN members don’t have to be part of a Bondholder business to get involved.

Age is not a barrier – the YTN aims to empower all ambitious individuals who are in the early stages of their career by strengthening key skills and providing a platform to share knowledge and create meaningful connections.

Being part of the YTN allows members to build a professional network of contacts, who are also passionate about the Humber region. 

You’ll get the chance to hear from some inspirational young business figures in Hull and surrounding areas, and share your insight and knowledge with a new audience.

Every year, the University of Hull injects over £900m into the UK’s economy.

Almost £400m of that stays in the Humber region, helping to support the economic growth and prosperity of both banks of the estuary.

The University of Hull directly employs over 2,000 people, and through its supply chain and business networks, supports an additional 4,100 jobs across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Meeting fellow alumni – sharing stories, ideas and building important new connections – further builds on the strong business community we are lucky to have in the Humber. 

The YTN is looking for new members to join its growing network of young professionals, and University alumni are perfectly suited to benefit.

For more information on the YTN, and details on how to join, visit

Additional Notes:

The Youth Talent Network is run by Marketing Humber. 

Marketing Humber operates as the region’s economic place marketing company to attract investment and support local businesses to grow. It acts as a catalyst to build an ambitious economic plan to create a sustainable future.

Marketing Humber also creates inspirational marketing materials and tell compelling stories about the opportunities here, to celebrate the success of our ambassador businesses and showcase what is on offer in the Humber.

Its mission is to bring Bondholder businesses and key partners together to strengthen and unify the Humber’s voice to external audiences promoting the area as a great place to live, work, study, invest and visit.

Article by Phil Winter

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