Do you know anyone who would benefit from free legal advice?

If you or someone you know could benefit from free legal advice, then maybe Law students at the University of Hull can help.

From disputes with neighbours to employment issues, the Legal Advice Centre offers free legal advice to the local community.

The Legal Advice Centre is a student-run service, supervised by qualified members of academic staff.  It gives our students an opportunity to gain practical experience of the legal profession whilst benefiting the local community.

Richard Hatfield, Employability Administrator, said: “We want to help those members of the University and the local community who would benefit from legal advice during these challenging times.  We have a number of appointments available up to and including 5th May, and would welcome enquiries from all those needing assistance.”

The Legal Advice Centre can provide counsel on a broad range of matters, including consumer issues, criminal/civil disputes, neighbour disputes, housing, employment and family.

Please share this with any person or organisation who may benefit from the help of our Legal Advice Centre.

For more information, please visit our webpage at  To book, call 01482 466655 or e-mail today.

Please note, the Legal Advice Centre cannot offer advice on immigration, representation at court/tribunal, debt matters and disputes over children where social services are involved.  It is also unable to offer advice if you already have a solicitor acting for you.

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