Watch: Alumni Masterclass – Digital Marketing Trends with Peter Andrews

On Wednesday 16 February we were joined by Peter Andrews for an Alumni Masterclass on Digital Marketing Trends. If you missed this fabulous session, you can catch up on the video below.

This session explores some of the big digital marketing trends on the horizon, highlighting some of the biggest disruptive influences and what you can do about it to reach customers and stay ahead of the competition.  The pace of change in digital marketing can seem overwhelming, so, it is crucial to understand which of the latest trends are important and how you can apply them to gain a competitive advantage.

Session Leader: Peter Andrews

15 March 2016: Peter Andrews from Hull University Business School and Emma Shaw from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd 01482 772651/07976 433960

Peter Andrews is an award winning Senior Marketing Lecturer and Head of Marketing & Business Strategy at Hull University Business School with a commercial background as a Director of an international Consumer Healthcare business and a director at a Marketing & Innovation consultancy. 

Peter is the Business School’s lead academic in Digital Marketing and Social Media, working with leading organisations and on commercial research projects.  He has worked across the globe, leading innovation programmes in Europe and managing the America’s.  He has been directly responsible for adding over £350m of sales growth from innovation, brand growth and shaping strategy.

He is passionate to see organisations transform digitally through the use of innovative marketing technologies, leading to better customer value and making them more competitive.  He has presented Digital and Social Media insights at conferences and workshops globally and he is delighted to be part of Tech Week Humber.

Peters’ research and business expertise: Digital Marketing & Social Media, branding & brand development, marketing strategy and innovation. 

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