Why is it so difficult to make new ideas work? – Join our Workshop on Innovation

Entrepreneur Network: The Six ‘I’s of Innovation with Daniel Wain
Thursday 5 May | 18:00 | Online – Microsoft Teams
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Have you ever wondered why it’s so often so difficult to make new ideas work?

In a world where disruptive business models and new hybrid ways of working are overturning the established order in everything from transport and hospitality to healthcare and entertainment, innovation is having a big moment.  However, innovation efforts often fail because the right skills, knowledge, culture or processes aren’t harnessed to create the intended impact.  A recent report from PA Consulting found that, while two-thirds of organisations say that innovation is critical to their survival, less than one third think they are any good at it.

Having been a senior learning & development professional for over two decades, Daniel Wain has long been involved in helping organisations to drive successful innovation, through leveraging the talent and diversity of their people.  He has long believed that everyone has a role to play in innovation, not just lone geniuses, inspired thinkers or ‘creatives’.  Successful new ideas depend far less on individual lightbulb moments than clarity of purpose, a step-by-step people-centered process and, above all, collaboration and teamwork.

In this interactive Entrepreneur Network talk, Daniel will outline the fundamental principles that drive successful innovation and underpin the Six ‘I’s® framework, supported by real-life case studies.  The session will equip you with tangible tools and a tried and tested approach that will enable, and hopefully inspire, you (and those with whom you work) to become truly innovative.

Entrepreneur Network: The Six ‘I’s of Innovation with Daniel Wain
Thursday 5 May | 18:00 | Online – Microsoft Teams
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Session leader Daniel Wain Bio

Daniel Wain (English & Drama, 1987) is an entrepreneur, learning & development consultant, trainer, coach, conference speaker, lecturer, writer, journalist, actor and theatre producer.

Since founding Daniel Wain Consulting Limited in 2007, his clients have included the BBC, BT, Capita, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, the House of Commons, Ipsos, Kantar, Ofcom, PwC, Telia Sonera, Tesco Bank, Transport for London, Utility Warehouse and Waitrose.  Daniel offers learning and development in a range of business, communication and relationship skills, and has worked extensively in the UK and globally.

Since 2020, Daniel has been a fully qualified Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioner.  The 6 ‘I’s® is an innovation model and approach that helps people and teams to understand and leverage their individual and collective strengths, as well as to identify areas for development and focus.  It recognises that there are six distinct mindsets, roles and stages, all of which are equally important to successful innovation, and all of which need to be present, or developed, if the team is to create real sustainable value.

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