Health Professional Network: Bouncing Back

The Health Professional Network: Bouncing Back
Finding the confidence and self-belief to overcome adversity and combat imposter syndrome
Tuesday 10 May | 18:00 | Online – Microsoft Teams
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In times of trouble and adversity, how can we deal with self-confidence issues or doubts about our skills and abilities and bounce back to being better versions of ourselves? Join the University of Hull Health Professional Network for a discussion on ‘bouncing back’.

Undoubtedly the last sixteen months or so have been a huge challenge, shaking up our daily lives and disrupting our established work and life patterns. But even before COVID many of us struggled with imposter syndrome or with overcoming adversity or the impact of making a mistake. So what can we do if we lose faith in ourselves and our abilities, if we make a mistake or are overlooked for an opportunity, or if we fear that in the eyes of others we don’t belong or aren’t good enough.

Join our panel of speakers for a conversation about bouncing back, dealing with adversity and making the most of ourselves. We deserve to feel good and by allowing ourselves to feel more confident we can be better versions of ourselves and be better friends, family and colleagues to others. So join in the conversation and be part of our Health Professional Network.

The Health Professional Network: Bouncing Back
Finding the confidence and self-belief to overcome adversity and combat imposter syndrome
Tuesday 10 May | 18:00 | Online – Microsoft Teams
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David Harling

National Deputy Director for Learning Disability Nursing
National Nursing Directorate of the Chief Nursing Officer for England 
NHS England & NHS Improvement  
Twitter handle: @DavidHarling1

David is a registered Learning Disability nurse and a registered Mental Health nurse. He currently serves as the national Head of Learning Disability nursing at NHS England and NHS Improvement.  He has worked in a senior capacity at a local, regional and national level, and has over 30 years’ experience; including posts as National Patient Safety Lead for Learning Disability, National head of learning disability nursing for NHS Improvement, Clinical Director, Consultant Nurse, and Strategic Health Authority Clinical lead.  David worked in Hull and East Riding services for over 10 years. 

David is passionate about the delivery of high quality, person-centred health & care services, and is a staunch advocate for empowering people who use services and their families, to be equal partners; ensuring their rights are upheld.

David has led on the development of a number of national policies including Care & Treatment reviews, the national learning disability mortality review (LeDeR), the learning disability Improvement standards, and the All-England plan for learning disability nursing. He has served as expert advisor on several boards, including the Mental Health Act review, NICE Quality Standards, national patient safety strategy.   

During his career David has achieved a number of accolades, including the RCN learning disability nurse of the year, Nursing Times Highly Commended award, NIMHE National Positive Practice award and the Foundation of Nursing Studies Practice Innovation award. David was awarded a Florence Nightingale International Scholarship, travelling to California to work with the Developmental Disabilities Services Division of the California government. David lives in his home county of Yorkshire with his family, and his three dogs. His claim to fame is that some years ago he co-wrote the song ‘Not so Manic Now’ which was a hit for the band Dubstar.

Sue Altass
I have travelled the world and worked for the NHS for over 20 years, in this time I’ve seen many children and students that have the potential to be who they dream to be but because of circumstances or opportunities have never dared to try and reach that dream.

InspireIgnite is for me to reach my dream and support as many children/students/families to at least have a go at following their passion and having the skills to understand that failure is part of life and they still have the ability to reach their dream.

Other Speakers to be announced

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